Hotel Playa Pesquero Since 2003

Fidel Castro Playa Pesquero

Playa Pesquero is a modern mega Hotel consisting of 944 rooms inaugurated in 2003 by our then Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Our Five Star Hotel covers almost 30 acres and with its 944 rooms is Cuba’s largest hotel. The hotel recreates a modern city, which contemporize reproductions of old railway stations, with avenues and spacious lounges, shopping boulevard, pool and entertainment areas, while the environment is characterized by untold ecological potential, beautiful beaches, bays, caves along with numerous areas for diving and, above all, guests should remember that the charm of our hotel is that it is exactly located at the Christopher Columbus landing spot on October 28, 1492. About 70 kilometers separates us from the international Frank País Airport. The facilities include several bars, beauty salon, Beauty Salon, Massage Room.